Smart Energy Manager (SEM)


The Smart Energy Manager software is made for maximum utilization and optimal distribution of the power over all cells controlled by the
Croptimiz-r, without exceeding a set maximum energy level.

How does it work?

The Smart Energy Manager calculates the power consumption based on the input of data of the included equipment like fans, mechanical cooling, heaters, circulation fans etc.

The number of fans, the type and the power need to be set. Also, for the other components this needs to be done. It also calculates the power consumption reduction in case the fans are running slower.

The Smart Energy Manager includes 3 important functions:

  • Peak Shaving
  • Priority Based Power Distribution
  • External Energy Source Optimization

The software of the Smart Energy Manager operates in 2 ways:

  • With Energy Meter
  • Without Energy Meter

Peak Shaving

Peak Shaving is setting a limit on your energy consumption and preventing not exceeding it. The setting is done in Amps.


In many contracts of power suppliers is included that as long as the power consumption is not exceeding a certain limit, the price per kWh is fairly low (fixed fee). But when the power consumption sometimes exceeds this limit, the price per kWh will be much higher and that price will be invoiced for a certain time period. The result is a much higher price per kWh and a penalty on top is even very common.





The Smart Energy Manager without Energy Meter takes into account all main components of the climate control system separately. Not taken into account is the power consumed by components which are not part of the climate control system. For example, the loading line which might be connected to the same power supply cable.

The Smart Energy Manager without Energy Meter works fine but less accurate than the Smart EnergyManager with Energy Meter.

Priority Based Power Distribution

The power is automatically distributed over the cells based on availability of the energy and priority. This priority is based on a Task List which is continuously updated and by the routines of the storage process program and the difference between settings and actual measurement and other parameters.

The huge advantage of Mooij Agro’s Smart Energy Manager is the detailed number of routines of the storage process that will be handled based on priority.


The priorities of the different routines are pre-set, so for example, Internal Ventilation has a low priority. At the contrary Fumigation and CO2 flush have a high priority.




The need for running the fans or other equipment in different cells is decided via a special smart algorithm that we have developed in the past years. Setting of these priorities by the store manager is not needed, it is done by the intelligent software. This means optimal use of the available energy without bothering the store manager with a lot of settings that will make it complicated.

External Energy Source Optimization

If the Smart Energy Manager with Energy Meter is installed the measurement of the power is precise. On top of that unusual power consumers (like the loading line) are taken into account. At the other hand if unusual power suppliers, like solar panels and windmills, are connected, the Smart Energy Manager knows that the extra power also can be consumed before reaching the maximum set energy level.

The advantage is that the power of your own power sources (lower price) can be used first.



Smart Energy Manager is working in a network of a number of Croptimiz-r’s.

The Master is mounted in the same box as the Croptimiz-r. Via Slave construction the different Croptimiz-r’s can be provided with the data.

The software of the EnergyManager is not included in the standard price of the Croptimiz-r and needs to be activated via a code.

The software needs to be bought per Croptimiz-r.


Mooij Smart Energy Manager
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