January 26, 2016

Mooij Agro’s Croptimiz-r now officially IP54 certified!

Mooij Agro always insists on the delivery of quality. Safe storage of your product is our priority. Usage of measuring and control equipment, which is reliable under all circumstances, is, of course essential.

The new Croptimiz-r storage computer is therefore mounted into an enclosure made of a special plastic. Reason for this is, that the storage computers are often mounted in a dusty and humid environment.

To ensure the right quality of the Croptimiz-r housing and of our housings for input and output modules, recently an IP test was carried out by DEKRA (Deutsche Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein eV). Dekra is an international, independent testing company who, among other things, provides the KEMA approval.

At Dekra, apart from the Croptimiz-r, also our various other storage computer enclosures were tested for dust and water resistance. After extensive testing, this equipment officially received the international IP54 standard.

Last year, our parent company Hotraco was the first company in the Netherlands, who received the Dekra Certification for the production of their switch panels.



September 11, 2015

A Silver Medal for AgriTechnica 2015 Innovations was awarded to Mooij Agro!

Working on the basis of strict criteria, a neutral Commission of Experts assigned by DLG selected altogether 44 innovations meriting a Silver Medal from among the 311 submissions.


Mooij Agro BV, Hegelsom, The Netherlands; Hall 24, Stand C10

In the past few years, the industry has used active and suction ventilation systems to improve storage conditions of freshly harvested potatoes and to ventilate uncovered bulk boxes. In stores with long rows of boxes, the air is not distributed uniformly within the stack, which leads to an inconsistent storage quality. The new and simple air distribution system Every-Air by Mooij Agro BV uses a vertical tarp with perforations, which is positioned between the rows, complementing existing pressure ventilation systems for open bulk boxes. The tarp ensures that the air is evenly distributed in the entire row inside the store, providing consistent climate, drying and cooling conditions and hence improving the overall quality and storage efficiency.


18 August 2015

Mooij Agro introduces a new, safe, solid and environmental friendly packaging for the new Storage Computer; the Croptimiz-r.

This packaging method assures safe and undamaged arrival of the Croptimiz-r on-site. Since it is break-proof, up to drops from 5m height.
Beside this, it also reduces CO2 emissions by 120,8 gram per packaging, so it contributes to a sustainable world!

We demonstrate our new packaging in the video link below!

Order a Croptimiz-r today, and experience for yourself!


8 April 2015

Prime Minister Rutte on a Working visit to Hotraco

As part of a working visit to Limburg on Wednesday, 8 April, Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited four internationally operating SME’s, including Hotraco Group, and was full of praise for the innovative companies.


Following a brief meeting with the three members of the Hotraco board, the Prime Minister was told about the work and various disciplines of Hotraco Group in Hegelsom. Governor Theo Bovens was also present on this morning. During the tour of the company, Rutte was noticeably impressed with the company’s innovations.

Limburg as a role model

"Something special is happening in this region. The business sector is innovating more rapidly here thanks to the collaboration with universities and universities of applied science. So it is ahead of other regions”, according to Prime Minister Rutte. In his opinion the business sector in Limburg is a role model for other regions.

Four companies

After his visit to Hotraco the Prime Minister went on to Adams Muziekcentrale in Ittervoort, Arion Holding B.V in Geleen and Janssen Precision Engineering at Maastricht-Airport. He rounded off his working visit with a meeting at the provincial government building in Maastricht.


27 February 2015

Lamb Weston / Meijer uses the Weight Watcher for their sustainability goals!

Lamb Weston / Meijer is showing leadership when it comes to sustainability.

We are more than proud that Lamb Weston / Meijer uses the Mooij Weight Watcher to achieve the sustainability objectives as shown in their recently published Sustainability Report.

The Sustainability Report of Lamb Weston / Meijer shows, how they optimise potato storage conditions using the Weight Watcher.

A copy of page 36 of the Sustainability Report is added below. If you want to read the full copy of the Sustainability Report, you can easily press this link.

If you are interested in more information on the Weight Watcher, we refer to the pages on our website. Please also feel free to contact our specialists.



January 7, 2015



Recently Dr. Ir. Arjan Veerman, PhD, wrote for us the booklet "Basic Principles of Cultivation and Storage of Potatoes".
Are you interested in receiving this informative, 60 pages booklet, please send us your contact details (address and e-mail) and we willl make sure to send you this English document.

You can send your contact details to



23 November 2014

Mooij Agro introduces the Croptimiz-r storage computer with personalized overview of your store.

With the introduction of the Croptimiz-r storage computer Mooij Agro makes it possible to optimize your storage results. On the Touch-screen a personalized overview of the storage(s) is displayed. This not only improves the overview, but also the intuitive operation and the information exchange. All the important information at a glance!

Ease of use has been the central issue in the development of the Croptimiz-r storage computer. You can easily load a drawing or (aerial) photograph of your own store(s) in the storage computer. You can create multiple views of each cell. You can drag the symbols and widgets to the correct position yourself. Of course, you can also start directly with the standard preset screens.

The development of the Croptimiz-r storage computer has taken two years. Thanks to the broad utilization within the Hotraco Group it was possible to develop a completely new control platform.

The Croptimiz-r is the new User Interface for CAN-bus systems with different input and output boards. The proven reliability of the Orion storage computer is retrieved in the Croptimiz-r.

The Exclusive Reveal of the Croptimiz-r will take place at the Interpom in Kortrijk, Belgium on Sunday November 23 next.

Come to stand no, 173 on this exhibition for a hands-on demonstration.

For more information please visit our website:


November 23, 2014

November 1, 2014



October 7, 2014

EVERY-AIR provides optimal air distribution in box-storages

To improve the air distribution in box-storages, Mooij Agro developed the EVERY-AIR. The EVERY-AIR is a specially designed tarp, which is positioned on a specific position in the air-duct, under the airbag and between the rows of boxes. By using the EVERY-AIR, the air distribution is improved by as much as 300%!

The development of the EVERY-AIR has taken 2 years, but the result is there to see all thanks to the in-house knowledge, doing practice measurements and the use of flow simulation software.

In a storage with rows of 26 boxes long and 6 high, the difference in air distribution used to be 40%.
After placing the EVERY-AIR the difference in air distribution reduced to even 13%.

Now, each box roughly gets an equal amount of air. Hence the name: EVERY-AIR.

An improvement of the air distribution means: quicker drying, more efficient cooling, better quality of your crop and a reduction energy costs. In case of CIPC application it results in less sprouting and lower residues.

The EVERY-AIR can be positioned easily, even in existing storages.
The specialists of Mooij Agro are willing to do an air measurement, in order to demonstrate the improvement.


September 29, 2014

SV-Agri and Mooij Agro start Joint Venture in India

SV-Agri and Mooij Agro have signed the memorandum of understanding for the establishment of their Joint Venture in India. This was done at the annual convention, held on September 10 and 11, last in Pune.

This Joint Venture enables SV-Agri and Mooij Agro to design, install and implement the latest dedicated storage technology.

SV-Agri is based in Pune Maharashtra and is well known for her activity in growing and trading of potatoes for the processing industry. SV-Agri has approx. 40 employees.

Mooij Agro is based in Horst, The Netherlands and is part of the Hotraco Group. Mooij Agro is active in Asia for many years and has a Joint Venture also in China for more than 10 years now.

The Joint Venture offers extensive support for designing, installation, implementation, training, after-sales and service of the projects. Also a combination of locally produced Indian high quality and imported Dutch key components can be offered.

During the signing ceremony Mr. Hemant Gaur (C.E.O. of SV-Agri), Mr. Diederik Fetter (C.E.O. of Hotraco Group), Mr. Wouter Verheij (the Agricultural Counsellor for India of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Mr. Maarten Mooij (Director of Mooij Agro BV) were present to embrace this important step for the future.


September 6, 2014

Thank you for visiting us at Potato Europe in Bockenrode, Germany.

Thanks to your visit, also this event was successful for us.

Not only we see the sunny side of potatoes!

See you next year in Belgium!



Hotraco Group presents new corporate identity

Hotraco Group is an internationally operating group of innovative and high-tech companies specialized in system development and system integration, in particular of control technology oriented solutions. The group, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is in a constant state of flux and the number of sectors in which it operates has increased in recent years.

In order to highlight the modern, innovative and international nature of the Hotraco Group as a whole, a decision was taken to restyle the word and figurative marks which had remained virtually unchanged since 1974 and to ensure that the divisions within the group have the same image. This move also clarifies the family ties to customers, suppliers and stakeholders, reinforces the company’s image and ensures that the new logo contributes to the ambitions of the company as a whole.

The different companies that belong to the Hotraco Group, will all carry the same logo; the styled HG. However, the colour differs for each company. Mooij Agro will maintain its bright blue colour as a symbol of years of quality services and the development of high quality, innovative products. More information will follow shortly.




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