ZA-EC Axial flow fans

The Mooij ZA-EC Axial flow fans are by far the most silent
EC fans on the market. Because of the DC motor, the fans are provided with a built-in fan speed control. .

The ZA-EC Axial flow fan combines the lowest noise level at a high air quantity and has a low energy consumption. The motor is protected against thermal overload and automatically adjusts the speed. These Axial flow fans are available with a capacity of 1,5 up to 5,2 kW with a diameter of 450 up to 910 mm.

It is striking to experience how quiet these fans are.

  • Adjustable speed and provided with "Bus" control and automatically secured.
  • Bionic semi-circular blade design to achieve the lowest noise level.
  • Very solid compound housing with a large inlet cone and aerodynamic guideblades for high efficiency.
  • Intelligent designed flange for easy mounting.
  • Protection grills for suction and pressure side (option).


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