Fan Pressure Check

Mooij Agro has added a new controller to her delivery range, the Fan Pressure Check. By using this controller in your storage location, you provide additional security and reliability.

This Fan Pressure Check measures the pressure difference across the fans. This sensor is linked to the Croptimiz-r storage computer. An integrated control for this pressure protection is included in the Croptimiz storage system.

Application of this Fan Pressure Check controller provides accurate air leak detection;

• Is the door of the pressure chamber not properly closed?

• Is there an unexpected leakage of an airbag?

• Does an aspiration duct cover not fit properly or is it damaged?

• Is a fan defective?

• Are the boxes not properly aligned or not positioned properly?

The graph clearly shows those moments that the fan is switched on and that at that time the pressure is well distributed. If the yellow line of pressure, shown in the top graph, does not increase at the same time, this is a signal that something is going on and personal intervention is required.



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