The Orion Storage computer can be of help to you for a safe and efficient storage of all your high quality, arable crop(s).

The User Interface of the Orion Storage computer features a large graphic display. The information is shown in both symbols and texts.

A cross view of the cell gives you all the relevant information at a glance. Settings can be made easily by means of the numeric part of the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move through the menu effectively. The six function keys give access to the information you want. One single Storage computer can control up to 16 cells.

By using the Rainbow management programme, you can control all the settings from your PC or via your Remote+ App.

The Orion Storage computer is made up of different components, such as: User Interface, input and output boards, communication and sensors.

Input and output boards

Sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 can be connected to the input boards (CAN-IO-16-01) or on boards that have both inputs and outputs (CAN-IO-16-14, CAN-IO-20-33).

The CAN-IO-16-01 input board is suitable for NTC or PTC temperature sensors. On the other boards, only PT1000 temperature sensors can be plugged-in. Components of the ventilation and cooling system can be connected to boards with analog and digital outputs (CAN-IO-06-14, CAN-IO-20-33). On these boards also digital inputs are available for , amongst other things, the minimum thermostat, error message switch panel, external stop and hatch closed contact.

The Orion Storage computer and the input and output boards communicate to each other by means of a CAN-bus system (CAN-local).

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