Weight Watcher COW

Since a number of years, the Weight Watcher helps the growers to understand the weightlosses. The Weight Watcher provides the necessary information to guard the quality and the quantity from day one. In 2012 growers of Lamb Weston/Meijer started using the Weight Watcher in several countries, and with great success! They improved the quality and minimized the weight loss. This makes it possible to achieve the sustainability goals.

The Weight Watcher continuously measures the weight loss of a sample. The achieved measurement data can be extended with temperature, Relative Humidity and CO2 sensors. By means of a special modem the measured values can be put on-line.

The Compare On Weight-loss (COW) database provides growers the opportunity to compare their individual daily weight loss with that of other growers. To be able to come to this comparison, we developed the COW database and software. This gives the grower access to all on-line data to compare his weight loss with that of his (anonymous) colleagues. For each grower a selection of relevant data can be created, based upon region, variety and soil type.


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