VaccTek® Condenser Dryer

Mooij Agro added a newly designed innovative all-in-one machine for the storage of agricultural crops to their large range of products; the VaccTek® Condenser Dryer.

All the necessary storage processes as there are Condensation drying/Post-drying, Mechanical cooling, Heating and Ventilation with outside air, this is all done by means of only one single machine; the VaccTek® Condenser Dryer.

The advantages of using this robust, solid and energy efficient all-in-one machine are:

  • Drying independent of weather conditions; drying is done by means of internal air.
  • Drying by means of electricity only; no gas or oil is being used.
  • Better quality and color; the drying process starts immediately so no possibility of “leaking” and affecting other bulbs during storage.
  • Drying in a safe way; no open flame direct modulation burners are used.
  • Suitable for use in tropical climates; immediate and quick drying process.

The VaccTek® is provided with its own control for stand-alone manual operation, but can also be controlled by the Mooij Croptimiz-r storage computer, that is provided with process software for Drying, Post-drying, Cooling, Ventilation and Heating.

This high quality machine, with insulated panels and at least 2 access doors, is especially made for positioning outside of the building.

The VaccTek® Condenser Dryer is a complete all-in-one machine, meaning that all components are installed, piping and cabling is done, condens water outlet is connected, settings and a final test run have been carried out. This results in a short installation time.

The VaccTek® Condenser Dryer can be used for several kind of crops as there are onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, shallots, seeds, and flower bulbs. The machine is available in 3 sizes and has a short delivery time.


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