2 July, 2017
The holiday period has almost begun. In order to provide you with the desired level of service and quality during the holiday period, Mooij Agro will carry on working as normal, although with a reduced staffing level. The limited presence of employees during the holiday period may lead to delivery times for some of our products being longer than usual. We ask for your understanding if our... Read more +
26 March, 2017
The Mooij Climbing Airbag is the latest innovation from Mooij Agro for box storages! This stand alone, inflatable, vertical Climbing Airbag is designed for box storages of crops, to seal the vertical ducts between the rows of boxes. Also this product is developed out of a need from within the market because of the fact that a simple and safe solution for the vertical sealing of ducts was required... Read more +
7 October, 2016
Mooij Agro never sits still when it comes to the development of new products and innovations in the field of ventilation technique. Questions from the field ensure that Mooij Agro stays focussed and responds to the arisen needs. For instance the increasing request for larger EC Axial flow fans, for both the potato as well as for the onion storages, lead to the fact that Mooij Agro developed a new... Read more +
11 April, 2016
We regularly receive questions whether we can offer some material for demonstration and training purposes with regards to the storage technology. Therefore we built a complete mini storage with which you can simulate a storage facility, inclusive all relevant settings. It is not only for the agricultural education that we developed this demonstration unit. This mini storage is also very... Read more +
26 January, 2016
Mooij Agro always insists on the delivery of quality. Safe storage of your product is our priority. Usage of measuring and control equipment, which is reliable under all circumstances, is, of course essential. The new Croptimiz-r storage computer is therefore mounted into an enclosure made of a special plastic. Reason for this is, that the storage computers are often mounted in a dusty and humid... Read more +
25 January, 2016
Please have a look at this video, about the new storage facility which was recently built. Please also read the testimonial we wrote about this project.    
16 November, 2015
11 September, 2015
Working on the basis of strict criteria, a neutral Commission of Experts assigned by DLG selected altogether 44 innovations meriting a Silver Medal from among the 311 submissions. Every-Air Mooij Agro BV, Hegelsom, The Netherlands; Hall 24, Stand C10 In the past few years, the industry has used active and suction ventilation systems to improve storage conditions of freshly harvested potatoes and... Read more +
18 August, 2015
Mooij Agro introduces a new, safe, solid and environmental friendly packaging for the new Storage Computer; the Croptimiz-r. This packaging method assures safe and undamaged arrival of the Croptimiz-r on-site. Since it is break-proof, up to drops from 5m height. Beside this, it also reduces CO2 emissions by 120,8 gram per packaging, so it contributes to a sustainable world! We demonstrate our... Read more +
31 May, 2015
The Potato World recently published this article on the Weight Watcher.  


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