Mooij Agro’s Croptimiz-r now officially IP54 certified!

26 January

Mooij Agro always insists on the delivery of quality. Safe storage of your product is our priority. Usage of measuring and control equipment, which is reliable under all circumstances, is, of course essential.

The new Croptimiz-r storage computer is therefore mounted into an enclosure made of a special plastic. Reason for this is, that the storage computers are often mounted in a dusty and humid environment.

To ensure the right quality of the Croptimiz-r housing and of our housings for input and output modules, recently an IP test was carried out by DEKRA (Deutsche Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein eV). Dekra is an international, independent testing company who, among other things, provides the KEMA approval.

At Dekra, apart from the Croptimiz-r, also our various other storage computer enclosures were tested for dust and water resistance. After extensive testing, this equipment officially received the international IP54 standard.

Last year, our parent company Hotraco was the first company in the Netherlands, who received the Dekra Certification for the production of their switch panels.


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