Potatoes and onions from Voerendaal, The Netherlands

25 November, 2015

In Voerendaal in The Netherlands Mr. Jos Keijbets has an arable farm.

"In 2012 I came into contact with Hans van den Oever from Mooij Agro. This because of the fact that we had plans to expand our storage capacity for potatoes and to start with the cultivation of onions. We wanted to store our consumption potatoes into two cells and our onions in one single cell. "

For this application, the both economical and quiet EC fans were advised. These are versatile for both potatoes and onions. The installation was thereby fully prepared for onions, by using a modulating heater control.

For the consumption potatoes, a CO2 sensor has been installed. This ensures optimal refreshing during the whole storage season, with the objective to keep a good frying color.

To operate the control of the storage even easier and quicker, the App was installed on the mobile phone.

Keijbets continues: "Storage of onions was new to us, but the result is very good. We never ventilate at the maximum. The relative humidity sensors, in combination with the modulating heating control, guarantee an optimal result with regards to the drying of the onions. What strikes us at the potato storage, is the intensive CO2 refreshing in the drying phase. When the potatoes are on the right temperature, the refreshing dramatically reduces. In spring, when the temperature of the potatoes rises again, I see an increase in the CO2 refreshing again.

All in all, we can say that we are very satisfied with the working together with Hans van den Oever, the telephone advice and remote support we receive when needed. "



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