Potato box storage in the cold area of Alberta, Canada

20 June, 2016

Recently, Mooij Agro installed a project for a potato storage in boxes at Harry Lamberts, in Burdett, Alberta, Canada.

Harry Lamberts indicated, that it was difficult to get the optimal air distribution in the boxes and that they had problems with condensation onto the product. One and other due to the low outside temperatures they have in this region.

Jeroen van Kappel of Mooij Agro offered for this specific storage, hatches of 120 mm thick with heat tracing and Inside the housing two limit switches for the position " open" and two for the " close" position are built-in.

Besides that, also circulation fans were installed with a 12 kW heater. To achieve optimal air distribution between the rows of boxes, the Mooij Every-Air was installed and by means of the Croptimiz-r storage computer they are able to monitor and register everything within the storage.

Mooij Agro supplied the various products directly to Canada, where there was a good cooperation with the local electrician and the contractor. Everything was installed and completed at the satisfaction of both Harry Lamberts and his son, who will take over the company in the future.

In this particular project also the Weight Watcher is being used, to control the condition of the potatoes in the storage and to keep a good eye on them. Next year the Weight Watcher will be used both in the box as well as in the bulk storage.



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