Smart Engery Manager

Smart Energy Manager: maximum utilization of energy and optimal distribution

The Smart EnergyManager software calculates the power consumption of the installed equipment (fans, mechanical cooling, heaters, circulation fans etc.). It also calculates the power consumption reduction in case the fans are running slower. In this way the Smart EnergyManager is always reducing the amount of energy, called Peak Shaving. Furthermore it has Priority Based Power Distribution and External Energy Source Optimization, both customisable.

Peak Shaving

Peak Shaving is setting a limit on your energy consumption and preventing not exceeding it. The setting is done in Amps. In many contracts of power suppliers a limit for power consumption is agreed for a price per kWh which is fairly low (fixed fee). But when the power consumption sometimes exceeds this limit, the price per kWh will be much higher.

Priority Based Power Distribution

The power is automatically distributed over the cells based upon availability of the energy and priority. This priority is based on a Task List which is continuously updated. Also the routines of the storage process program and the difference between settings and actual measurement and other parameters influence the priority.

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External Energy Source Optimization

If the Smart EnergyManager with Energy Meter is installed the measurement of the power is very precise. On top of that unusual power consumers (like the loading line) are taken into account. At the other hand, if unusual power suppliers, like solar panels and windmills, are connected, the Smart EnergyManager knows that the extra power can also be consumed before reaching the maximum set energy level.

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