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Providing total peace of mind for growers and store managers – that is Mooij Agro's business objective. We do this by developing and producing innovative automation systems for crop storage. Our innovative control systems help growers and store managers of potatoes, onions and other crops to improve their crop storage and operations.

Mooij Agro's wide range of automation systems offers solutions for regulation, control and monitoring of store processes – from ventilation and climate control, to store management, smart use of energy and quality management. Mooij Agro was founded in 1981 and has been part of Hotraco Group since 2001.

Hotraco has relieved the agricultural industry since 1974

Hotraco was founded in the De Peel region of the Netherlands in 1974. This region has long history of livestock farms. It was also a hotbed of technical industry. With their combination of technical and agricultural background, and a clear understanding of the needs within the agricultural sector, the founders of Hotraco Agri started the company to develop and produce control technology for barns. In 2001, Hotraco expanded its services to include the development and production of automation processes for crop storage, through the acquisition of Mooij Agro.

World player in control technology and automation for crop storage

Over the past 40 years, Mooij Agro has grown to become a global player in the field of control technology and automation in the agricultural sector, with a focus on crop storage. We can guarantee our customers global support via our global network of dealers and installers, and sales offices in China, Colombia and India.

Complete automation solutions for growers and store managers
24/7 personal service
Simplicity and ease of use
Worldwide network
40 years of knowledge and innovation

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