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Solutions for other crops

Improve the conditions for your crops

For you, as a grower or store manager of outdoor crops, it is of crucial importance to create the proper conditions for your crops. An optimum storage climate is essential for storage with a high yield and reduced storage losses. The key to success is automation! This enables you to run and monitor your storage and energy processes as efficiently as possible. Mooij Agro's storage systems give you 24/7 insight into the current situation in all your stores, allowing you to configure a continuously stable, optimum climate for your stored product.

Solutions for other crops

Homepage Solution 3 Other crops
Pumpkins in boxes 2
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Tuber vegetables
Ginger bulk

Discover the benefits of automated crop storage

Optimum conditions for your storage
Excellent quality of your crops
Very low energy consumption
Higher returns and more profit
Minimal weight loss
Easy to use

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