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Storage climate

Optimum potato storage with the right climate

In order to maintain the long-term quality of your potatoes, it is important to keep the environmental factors within the optimum range. This includes the right temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level. Our advanced automation systems help you achieve the right climate for your potatoes. After all, a good climate really makes the difference!

Young farmer measuring temperature of potatoes

The desired storage conditions under control, worldwide

Mooij Agro has the knowledge to store potatoes under optimum conditions, with maximum efficiency, anywhere in the world. We have developed sensors that create the perfect storage conditions for every potato store manager. Our automation systems provide the right balance between ventilation, heating and cooling. This is done on the basis of temperature, relative humidity and negative pressure in your store.

Complete climate solutions for your storage

Different storage systems for potatoes

Bulk storage half round ducts

Bulk storage

Bulk storage is the most efficient and widely used method of storing potatoes for the processing industry. This is because bulk storage is perfectly suited for homogeneous, long-term storage of large lots. Mooij Agro can help you create the perfect climate for bulk stores, to prevent weight loss and pressure spots. We not only provide measuring and control equipment, but also the right fans, air inlets and air distribution systems. Depending on the climate and harvesting conditions, we also supply cooling, heating and humidification systems.

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Storage in boxes

Storage in boxes is ideal for seed and table potatoes. This allows you to easily grade and deliver a small quantity. Mooij Agro can advise you on the correct ventilation system for storing potatoes in boxes. It is important that all the potatoes get the same amount of air, including the potatoes in the core of the box.

Storage in bags

Storage in bags

In some countries, potatoes are bagged directly in the field. These bags are then taken to the store. An advantage of this system is that the bags are traceable and can be easily sold in portions. Mooij Agro helps you establish a good ventilation system for bagged storage. We ensure that the air is evenly distributed throughout the store and into the core of each bag. This results in a homogeneous ambient temperature and optimum air humidity for your potatoes.


Do you want a perfect climate in your potato store, too?

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Benefits of good climate control

With a good climate control system in place, extreme weather conditions and greatly varying day/night temperatures have virtually no impact on the climate in your storage building. This ensures:

A perfect environment for your potatoes
Less weight loss
No pressure spots
High quality product