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The ideal partner for sustainable potato storage

Mooij Agro aims to provide added value in the area of sustainable potato storage. We do this by developing and producing high quality automation systems that are all equipped with high quality software. Our systems feature both high reliability and a long service life. Because we want to contribute to the sustainable use of raw materials, we take climatic and environmental factors into account during the development of our products.

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Smart Energy Manager: for efficient energy consumption

By measuring the power consumption in your company and having the ventilation system perform the right actions at the right time, you can prevent peak loads, which is also referred to as ‘peak shaving’. In addition, renewable energy sources, such as wind and/or solar energy, are used optimally. At Mooij Agro we have developed special software to keep your energy consumption as low as possible. With our Smart Energy Manager, you measure and know the exact power consumption of all installed equipment, such as fans, mechanical cooling, heating units, circulation fans etc. This software also takes into account the reduction in power consumption when the fans are running at lower speed.

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Sustainable storage is a win/win situation

With our knowledge and expertise in the field of automation systems, Mooij Agro plays a role in creating a better life in a better world. We do this by developing technical systems that improve the lives of people and society in a sustainable way.


Do you want optimum storage with the lowest possible energy costs?

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Refrigeration system control

Priority control – cooling

In situations with multiple storage cells and mechanical cooling, a central cooling system is often installed with a certain simultaneous capacity. This means not all cells can be cooled at the same time. It is important, however, that the right cell is cooled at the right time. With the Croptimiz-r priority control, you can be sure that the installed cooling capacity is always utilised optimally, based on the measured and desired storage temperature.

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Energy-efficient, energy-saving products

The best starting point for your store is a well-balanced ventilation system. Mooij Agro supplies the most suitable fans, insulated hatches and heat exchangers to create the ideal climate.