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Total solutions for potato storage

Optimum storage conditions for your potatoes

Whether for seed potatoes, table stock potatoes or ware potatoes, it is crucial for you, as a store manager, to achieve the right conditions for your potatoes in storage. This is essential to maintain the quality of your product and keep storage losses to an absolute minimum. The key to success is automation! Mooij Agro develops and produces automation systems for storage buildings that give you insight into the current situation 24/7 and allow you to easily create and maintain the most optimum storage conditions.

Your store optimally automated

Mooij Agro offers complete automation systems that regulate, control and monitor all your store processes. Our control systems are suitable for all types of potato storage, including bulk, boxes or bags. The system is very user-friendly and can be controlled remotely via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Discover the benefits of our control systems

For you as a store manager, storing crops becomes a lot easier with the automation systems from Mooij Agro. Examples of these benefits include:

Optimum storage conditions
Excellent quality of your potatoes
Extremely low energy consumption
Greater returns and more profit
Minimal weight loss
Improved ease of use

Do you want to optimise the store management process for your potatoes, too?

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