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The quality of your product always comes first

For you, as a grower or store manager, it is of crucial importance to achieve the proper storage conditions for your potatoes. Quality management is an important part of this. After all, your goal is to deliver the best quality potatoes to your customers. Mooij Agro offers tools to manage your potato store as efficiently as possible – a complete system, which is easy to operate remotely to make it as easy as possible for you. Together, we ensure that your potatoes retain the best quality.

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Homogeneous quality

For good quality potatoes, it is important that the best possible conditions are created in your storage building. With good air distribution and the correct and sufficient temperature measurements, we can homogenise the product. The weight loss of your potatoes will be kept to a minimum, and your potatoes will retain homogeneous quality. This ensures that your customers can buy large lots of potatoes of the same quality.

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Long storage life without pressure spots

As a potato store manager, it is important for you to be able to deliver good quality potatoes throughout the entire storage season. Your customers want potatoes without pressure spots, and the frying colour of the potatoes is often also important. You can provide the right frying colour by maintaining the right storage conditions, such as sufficient fresh air so the CO2 concentration does not become too high. A stable temperature in the store also helps ensure your potatoes remain dormant and reduces your losses. Mooij Agro's automation systems help you achieve these goals.


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All necessary certification data at your fingertips

Do you want quick insight into your store processes over a longer period of time? The Croptimiz-r PC management program provides just that. It allows you to view, save and export all the information you need. Among other things, this includes temperature progression, hour counters for the fans and registration of heater data. With this information you can also easily demonstrate your compliance with the applicable regulations and your customers' certification requirements.

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Innovative control systems for the best storage conditions

By listening to the market and talking to customers worldwide, Mooij Agro has extensive knowledge of the right storage conditions for potatoes. We use this knowledge in the development and improvement of our systems, so that you, as a grower or store manager, have the right tools to be able to sell the best quality potatoes, at any time.

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