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Mooij Dealers Conference 2023

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An exclusive event by the Hotraco Group on the best solutions for crop storage and much more.

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About the Mooij Dealers Conference

On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November 2023 we would like to welcome you to the Mooij Dealers Conference. We are very pleased to be able to meet all of our valued partners in person again. This exclusive event will take place in Espel, The Netherlands, where we will share with you our knowledge of the market and we have the chance to visit end-customer’s sites displaying real-life applications of Mooij’s custom solutions and products.

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This Dealers Conference is all about a practical approach with special site visits at Waterman Onions and Mts Koenraadt-Heerink. Waterman Onions is a big international player in the field of storage, sorting, packaging and transporting onions worldwide. At the Koenraadt-Heerink company you can see how they harvest and store potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions. They have a modern box storage facility with the latest techniques.

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