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Mooij Dealers Conference 2022

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An exclusive event by the Hotraco Group on the best solutions for crop storage and much more.

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About the Mooij Dealers Conference

On Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November 2022 we would like to welcome you to the Mooij Dealers Conference. We are very pleased to be able to meet all of our valued partners in person again. During this exclusive event, which will take place at our locations in Hegelsom and Horst, we will share with you our knowledge of the market and discuss the future of our industry, including our innovative products and systems.

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This Dealers Conference is all about a practical approach with special live demonstrations of our system innovations and storage solutions. We will explore the latest developments in the market as well as two of the most important current themes in our industry; energy savings and data sharing. In addition, interesting site visits are planned and we can enjoy food and drinks together in a relaxing and pleasant setting.