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Potato Europe 2024

Mooij Agro at Potato Europe France

On 11 and 12 September we will be attending the Potato Europe in France. Potato Europe 2024 is the place to be for French and international participants in the potato sector.

Croptimiz r effective storage design

Visit our stand B 57-59

Designing an effective potato storage system is a critical aspect of maintaining the quality and minimizing losses of the product. We can help you with the most effective storage design and getting the most optimal results out of your potato storage.

Comprehensive installation and service support is provided in collaboration with Vandoorne Installatiebedrijf, ensuring that each storage solution is not only effective but also seamlessly integrated and supported.

Visit our stand B 57-59 to discover how to maximize your storage potential.


Free entry to the event with a visitor’s badge

You can have free entry to the event with a visitor’s badge. It will be mandatory for access to the show. Please fill out the form on the website of Potato Europe and get free acces to the exhibition.

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