Certainty with Early Warning System

Detects deviations in your storage facility early and prevents damage to your crops

In order to safeguard the highest quality of your products, it is essential to detect any problems with the climate in your storage facility at an early stage. A timely response to external influences is also of crucial importance to maintain this quality. You can do all this now with Mooij Agro’s Early Warning System. This system detects deviations in the climate and immediately sends a warning to your smartphone or smartwatch. This gives you complete control over all your storage units, wherever you may be!

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Warns early of climate changes
Prevents product problems
User friendly
Time saving

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Always in control of the climate

The Early Warning System is developed to give growers and store managers complete peace of mind and allow them to monitor the current climate conditions in each storage facility 24/7. This greatly simplifies your operations. This innovative automation system is integrated into the Croptimiz-r and detects deviations based on pressure and temperature measurements. Besides this, the light switching is also part of the Early Warning System. You can receive warnings as notifications on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. This allows you to see simply and clearly where you need to intervene to prevent problems.

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Pressure sensor 201113

Early warning via pressure measurement

It is important to be sure that the air capacity demanded is also actually delivered to the crops in the storage facility. The Early Warning System monitors this for you via pressure measurement. The system checks whether the pressure created by the ventilation system matches the backpressure from the storage unit. If there is a difference, you receive a warning. Deviations may arise for example due to outlet vents not opening, ventilation ducts being closed, or because an access door or trapdoor in the pressure chamber is open. By solving the problem in good time, you prevent damage to your crop.

Early Waning Lighting ON too long

Early warning via light measurement

Light has a major effect on the quality of your stored crops. Potatoes must not be exposed to light for too long, because then they become green and unsaleable. You can prevent this with the Early Warning System. The light switching is integrated into the Croptimiz-r and it maintains control of the lighting duration in the storage facility. If the lights stay on too long, it gives a warning (Early Warning) and you receive a message via the system or as a notification on your smartphone.

Duct temperature not reached hvdo 201113

Early warning via temperature measurement

Based on the product temperature and humidity in the storage area, air of the correct quality is created in the pressure chamber – this is then transported to the product. The outside air vents are driven via temperature sensors in the duct in order to achieve the desired temperature in the storage unit. If the duct temperature fails to reach the set value, you receive a warning. In this way, the Early Warning System ensure that you can check in good time why the intended temperature is not being reached.

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