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Climate neutral with Smart Energy Manager

Sustainable and efficient energy use

Mooij Agro aims to provide added value in the area of sustainable storage. We do this by developing and producing high quality automation systems that are all equipped with smart, innovative software. One of these systems is our Smart Energy Manager, which enables you to measure and know the exact power consumption of all installed equipment, make the best possible use of all energy sources and distribute your power optimally. This means you avoid peak loads and reduce your energy bill.

Discover the benefits of the Smart Energy Manager

Maximum use of your own energy sources
Optimal energy distribution across your stores
Peak shaving through load shifting
Reduced energy costs

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Maximum use of energy and optimal distribution

The Smart Energy Manager (SEM) is special software that is installed on the Croptimiz-r store computer. This software has been developed to maximise the use of energy and optimise its distribution. The power consumption of fans, cooling and heating units and other installed equipment is entered, and then the Croptimiz-r distributes the total available energy capacity across all the equipment as optimally as possible, at the ideal time. The Smart Energy Manager can work with or without an energy meter and serves three important functions: peak shaving, priority-based energy distribution and external energy source optimisation.

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Peak shaving

Many contracts with energy suppliers offer a low price per kWh (fixed tariff) in exchange for a limit on peak energy demand. When power consumption exceeds this limit, the price per kWh often becomes significantly higher. ‘Peak shaving’ limits your energy consumption and prevents you from paying too much. With the Smart Energy Manager, multi-rate metering, such as differing day and night tariffs, can also be taken into account.

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Energy distribution

Priority-based energy distribution

The power is automatically distributed across the stores on the basis of energy availability and highest priority. This priority is based on a task list that is continuously updated by the Croptimiz-r. The priority level is also determined by the store program routines and the difference between settings and actual measurements. The routines are then carried out by the Croptimiz-r and its smart algorithm, based on the highest priority.

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Optimisation of external energy sources

If additional energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines are also connected, the Smart Energy Manager knows that this extra power can be used before the maximum configured energy level is reached. An additional advantage of energy control via the Smart Energy Manager is that self-consumption – use of energy from your own sources – is always prioritised. This allows you to take full advantage of the fixed low energy price. As an extra option, it is also possible to use the Smart Energy Manager in a network of multiple Croptimiz-r store computers.

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