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Greater insight with the Early Warning System

Up-to-date information on your storage ROI 24/7

To ensure the highest quality of your products, it is important to be continuously aware of the climate in your storage facility. Now this is extremely easy to achieve, with Mooij Agro’s Early Warning System. It enables you to detect deviations in your storage facility at an early stage and provides notifications on your smartphone and smartwatch. The Early Warning System provides insight and offers all the necessary information about the return on investment of your storage. This gives you complete control over all your storage units, wherever you may be!

Discover the benefits of the Early Warning System

Provides insight into the return on investment of your storage
Safeguards better climate control
Sends notifications to your smartphone
User-friendly and time-saving
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Automatic control and registration of external stop

Switching off your ventilation system via the electrical panel can have adverse consequences for the climate control in your storage facility. Mooij Agro has developed a smart control in the Croptimiz-r system specifically to solve this problem. At the touch of a button, you can easily and safely pause the ventilation system, through what is called an ‘external stop’. The system then automatically switches off the fans, closes the vents and registers how long it takes before the external stop is cancelled again. The system also resumes exactly the right process when the ventilation is restarted. You are made immediately aware of the system stop via the Early Warning System on the Croptimiz-r or a notification on your smartphone.

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More insight with additional temperature sensors

The Early Warning System can also be implemented with an extensive sensor set for the storage facility. By installing additional temperature sensors in the duct, in your products and at your hatches, you generate extensive information about the efficiency of your storage. This allows you to check very accurately whether the air flow is correct and whether there is good heat transfer between the product and the air. After all, the more you measure, the more you know!

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Notifications from your storage facility

In the event of a deviation or undesired change of conditions in your storage facility, the Croptimiz-r system issues an alarm or warning. You can also receive these alerts as notifications on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, much the same way you receive personal messages via WhatsApp or iMessage. In this way, wherever you are, you can see which part of the storage facility requires attention or where you need to intervene immediately to prevent damage. In short, the Early Warning System is a very user-friendly alarm system that guarantees the quality of your stored crops and saves you time!

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