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Plug & Ventilate

Plug & Play ventilation solutions

Do you need a smart ventilation system that requires very little installation work? Then the plug and play ventilation solutions from Mooij Agro are exactly what you are looking for! These ready-to-use ventilation systems are available as a range of solutions – from simple to very extensive – and are easy to connect so you can start ventilating immediately.

Discover the benefits of Plug & Ventilate

Complete air handling unit for every storage facility
Plug & play
Simple and fast
Less installation work

Are you looking for a smart ventilation solution without a lot of installation work?

Mobiele Zuigventilatie unit

Mobile suction ventilation unit

The mobile suction ventilation unit from Mooij Agro has been specially developed for simple, quick drying and cooling of crops. This mobile unit can be placed anywhere and is equipped with a speed-controllable EC fan that conforms to the latest standards. Once it is where it needs to be, it is just a matter of plugging it in and... voila, ventilation! So, literally, Plug & Ventilate!


Air handling unit

The Mooij Agro air handling unit is ideal for ventilating your crate storage area. This AHU can be integrated into your pressure wall or can be used directly as a ventilation solution. The system hangs or stands against the wall and draws in air from outside. Then the outside air is blown over and past your crates. This makes this air handling unit a turnkey ventilation solution without complicated installation or the need for a pressure chamber.

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Insulated air handling unit

This air handling unit not only provides ventilation but can also cool your crate storage area. The insulated AHU stands against the wall and mixes outdoor air with the indoor air when it is suitable. This AHU is also equipped with a chilled water heat exchanger for mechanical cooling. The air is blown over your boxes via the insulated air ducts that are placed on top of the unit. All in all, this is a user-friendly solution without complicated installation or the need for a pressure chamber.

Combi Vent


The CombiVent is the perfect solution for room ventilation with mechanical cooling. It is a ready-to-use machine that can ventilate using outside air as well as mechanical cooling, delivered as one complete unit. The CombiVent can be put in operation without complicated installation work. This practical ventilation and cooling system can be placed and connected directly through an opening in the wall.

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The revolutionary Vacctek is a condenser dryer that allows you to completely regulate the indoor climate, even in tropical climates where the outside air is less suitable! The Vacctek® Condenser Dryer is energy efficient and only requires an electrical connection. This makes this condenser dryer much more environment friendly than gas-fired condenser dryers, and it is the most effective system on the market for drying, post-drying, cooling, heating and ventilating your crops. Moreover, the Vacctek is extremely easy to install. An absolute win-win situation as far as we are concerned!

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