Croptimiz r Control system

The eyes of your storage

Total control with a single system

The Croptimiz-r is an extremely user-friendly automation system that gives you total control over all storage processes. It is an all-in-one system for every type of storage. The Croptimiz-r regulates, controls and monitors all your processes, such as ventilation, heating, cooling and circulation. The touchscreen-only operation also makes this system extremely user-friendly and clear.

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All-in-one system
Precise control and monitoring
Optimal service remotely
Easy to use
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More than just a climate computer

The Croptimiz-r more than just a climate computer. This automation system not only records all storage and climate data in a single system – all control units are moreover perfectly harmonised together. To summarise: the climate in your storage facility is controlled optimally based on complete up-to-date information. Further, the Croptimiz-r guarantees total integration all systems, from automatic airbags to the most up-to-date cooling systems. All the processes in your storage facility are monitored and recorded automatically. Thanks to this, the system knows exactly what is needed, so that you can focus on other operating processes.

Optimale Service op afstand

Optimal service and support

You can access all control units 24/7 from your PC, smartphone or tablet, and make adjustments where needed. This means you are always aware of the conditions in your store, no matter where you are, so you can detect possible problems quickly and take action, even before you enter the store. Thanks to the many sensors, our service department can often help you remotely right away, which is quick and efficient. In this way, the Croptimiz-r saves you significant time and expense.

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Control of Airbag System

The Airbag System is an essential solution for your box storage facility. It allows you to seal off the ducts simply and quickly. You can control the Airbag System anywhere and at any time from your PC, smartphone or tablet, and it is fully integrated into the Croptimiz-r. This gives you complete control 24/7, and you are certain that your product is properly ventilated. Highly useful and time-saving.

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Control of cooling system

Mooij Agro's integrated cooling control unit is much more powerful than other climate computers on the market. Besides control of the cooling, the Croptimiz-r also monitoring the temperatures at multiple points in the cooling system, and the operating state of the system is monitored continuously. The Croptimiz-r is also able to harmonise the ventilation control perfectly with the cooling. Thanks to this unique and effective cooperation between the climate computer and the mechanical cooling controller, you can count on an accurate and optimum climate.

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