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Weatherproof storage with Vacctek® 2.0

The Vacctek® 2.0: for efficient drying, cooling and heating of your storage

The weather has become less predictable, so creating an optimal climate in your storage is now more challenging. The innovative Vacctek® 2.0 condenser dryer is able to direct all phases of storage, regardless of the outdoor climate. This revolutionary condenser dryer makes the interior climate fully controllable, even in tropical climates where it is humid outside! The Vacctek® 2.0 condenser dryer does not burn gas, it works on electricity. This makes our condenser dryer a lot more environment friendly; it is the most effective system on the market for drying, post-drying, cooling, heating and ventilating your crops. With the VaccTek® 2.0 condenser dryer, you can deliver end products of the highest quality!

Discover the benefits of the Vacctek® 2.0

Performance is independent of outdoor conditions
Energy efficient & environment friendly
Precise control
Cost efficiency with multiple storage cells

Do you want to be able to dry your stored crop at any time, regardless of the weather outside?

2020 09 08 09 57 54

Independent of outdoor conditions

Using the Vacctek® 2.0, you can dry, heat or cool the air in your storage facility energy-efficiently, without you being dependent on the outside air. From condenser drying, post-drying and modulating mechanical cooling to modulating heating and ventilation with outside air. Whenever the outside air is unsuitable for the intended process, you can process the air automatically with the Vacctek® 2.0, which allows you to generate the desired air quality.

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Energy efficient

The Vacctek® 2.0 condenser dryer has a very short drying cycle, giving you energy savings of up to an impressive 70%. For the heating process, this dryer uses the heat that is released from the cooling of the air later on. This makes the Vacctek® 2.0 very energy efficient! Moreover, this condenser dryer has a huge range, allowing you to achieve product temperatures between -3 and +38 degrees Celsius. Just a single Vacctek® 2.0 can check and control a storage unit of up to 1000 tonnes of product, and provide a drying capacity of 200 litres/hr. With this dryer system, you can be certain you will achieve higher quality in your stored product. Besides this, non-gas drying is more environment friendly than heating with gas boilers.

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Precise control

The control of the Vacctek® 2.0 is fully integrated into the Croptimiz-r. The correct drying process is always selected using this user-friendly and universal automation system. Moreover, thanks to the water-glycol cooling, the air can be conditioned optimally. The system switches seamlessly from drying with outside air to drying with inside air, as needed. A major advantage of condenser drying is that this drying process produces results from day one and can be active 24/7.

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Cost efficiency with multiple storage cells

The Vacctek® 2.0 system is structured such that different storage units can easily be coupled together, and the same technique can be used in multiple cells at the same time. In this way, the investment costs of multiple storage cells are a good deal lower than previously.

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