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A new modern storage facility from BioRomeo

10 storage cells with different crops

Mooij Agro, Frilim and HG Industrial have collaborated on a new modern storage facility that can accommodate 1,800 storage boxes. The facility consists of 10 cells for the storage of various crops such as potatoes, white cabbage, carrots and red beets.

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An optimal climate for every crop

Storage specialist Mooij Agro supplied the complete storage system with the Croptmiz-r, fans and sensors. That results in a perfect climate in every storage cell. A different ventilation method can be applied for each cell, some cells are equipped with aspiration ventilation, others with pressure ventilation, which depends on the product.

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Lower energy costs with Smart Energy Manager

A fantastic tool for the owner of BioRomeo Company is the Smart Energy Manager which is included in the Croptimiz-r. This energy manager will optimally coordinate the power requirement with the own energy production of the solar panels on the roof. The cooling unit is running as much as possible during the day, when the sun is shining. The cooling in a cell is automatically switched off when the power requirement exceeds the 80 amperes. This prevents peak loads and reduces energy costs.

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Installer Frilim

This project has been installed by Frilim. Frilim has recently become the Mooij Agro dealer for the Northern Netherlands. In addition, HG Industrial supplied the power distributor for this modern storage facility.

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