Gecombineerde bewaring in het noorden van Groningen 3

Combined storage in the northern part of Groningen (NL)

At the arable farm of the family Duisterwinkel in ’t Zandt (NL), seed potatoes, seed onions, carrots, grain and sugar beets are grown. Martin and his two sons Martinus and Menko have decided to build a storage for potatoes and onions. Previously, a lot of their product was stored in bulk, but these storage locations were outdated. For this reason, a conscious choice has been made for a box storage to be able to dry the crop more effectively and to be more flexible.

Duisterwinkel explains that they have had a look at ventilation systems from different suppliers. After several pleasant conversations with Henk Havelaar, a decision was made for Mooij Agro to be their new supplier. The easy operation of the Croptimiz-r and the sharp offer ultimately made the difference.

Gecombineerde bewaring in het noorden van Groningen 1

In 2017, construction was started by Miedema Bouw from Grijpskerk. The new storage consists of six cells of different sizes. Duisterwinkel already had good experience with pressure ventilation and that is why all cells are equipped with a Mooij Agro pressure ventilation system with Every-Air. The first cell is equipped with larger EC fans for drying the onions. Cell two is used for drying the potatoes. Mechanical cooling was installed in the next two cells. This is followed by the largest and the smallest cell of the storage. The final cell has been made suitable for applying Talent.

5 Gecombineerde bewaring in het noorden van Groningen 3

After the first storage season they are very satisfied. "It was a wet autumn, but we were able to keep large storage problems out of the door. By making use of the gas burners we could dry more specifically. This would have been a greater challenge in our old storage. We are also very pleased with the enormous commitment of the installers and the salesperson to get everything ready before the harvest. "

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