Potato Storage Geraats 01

Long term potato storage in The Netherlands

Long term potato storage at Geraats in Baexem (NL)

From Bert and Johan Geraats we were asked to set up a ventilation system in a new storage for potatoes. What was important for them was the possibility to store for a longer period of time and to ensure a better potatoe quality. The new storage was completed in October 2018, to the full satisfaction of Geraats.

Potato Storage Geraats 04

Cooling independent of the outside air

Now, thanks to the unique mechanical storage solution, it is now possible to cool, dry and store the potatoes independently of the weather. The result is, that Geraats can now keep its bulk storage in a constant storage condition throughout the year: both the temperature, the air humidity and the CO2 value remain stable.

Potato Storage Geraats 08

The results are impressive:

up to 3% drying of the potatoes, a longer storage period and up to 50% lower energy costs.

See for yourself!