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Pressure ventilation for box storage of potatoes in Germany

In the German town of Viersen, there is a modern storage facility with the latest ventilation technology for table potatoes. This box storage facility consists of three sheds, each with two or three storage cells, and has been fully automated by storage specialist Mooij Agro.

Germany Drosser potatoes Aribag Croptimiz r

Optimum product quality all year round

All aspects of control of the storage cells are controlled via the touchscreen Croptimiz-r. This ensures that the table potatoes are stored under the correct conditions and that product quality is maintained throughout the year. In addition to the Croptimiz-r, the storage facility is equipped with an innovative airbag system that provides an optimum pressure ventilation system for box storage.

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Airbag system for correct ventilation flow

The Airbag System is an essential solution for this box storage facility. In order to dry, cool or heat the potatoes optimally, the ventilation air must also reach the core of the boxes. The airbag system allows you to seal off the ducts between two rows of boxes simply and quickly. The ventilation air flows via the duct, through the side walls of all the boxes and then moves horizontally through the entire box and therefore also through the core of the box.

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Automatic rail system

In addition to electric control, the vertical airbag is also equipped with an automatic rail system. This makes it easy to move the vertical airbag to the right location. The system is therefore very user-friendly, because without a rail system, the airbag would have to be detached at the top and fitted again at the new location. With the rail system, this is no longer necessary.


24/7 monitoring via smartphone

The Airbag System can be controlled anywhere and at any time from a PC, smartphone or tablet and is fully integrated with the Croptimiz-r. As such, this potato grower has complete control 24/7 and can be certain his product is properly ventilated. Exceedingly handy and time-saving.

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