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Air distribution

Optimum air distribution in your onion store

Good air distribution results in: fast drying, efficient cooling, good quality of your product and a reduction in energy costs. In order to achieve the best air distribution in your store, you need a reliable air distribution system. We offer different types of systems for bulk storage and box storage.

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Half-round ducts for bulk storage

For the distribution of air in bulk storage, we supply half-round ducts. These ducts have oblong holes close to the ground, for broad distribution of the air. In order to be able to properly ventilate the upper area as well, there are also rows of holes along the top of the dust sections. The ducts are available in no fewer than twenty different sizes. As a result, the duct sections always connect together well, the air distribution is optimal and the pressure drop of the air minimal. All the holes are punched inwards so that there are no sharp edges pointing outwards that could damage the onions.

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Pressure ventilation for storage in boxes

In order to dry, cool or heat stored onions optimally, the ventilation air must also reach the core of the boxes. Mooij Agro has a solution for this: airbag pressure ventilation. This works as follows: A duct is formed between two rows of boxes. The top of this duct is covered by the inflatable Mooij airbag. The air flows via the duct, evenly through the side walls of all the boxes and then moves horizontally through the entire box and therefore also through the core of the box.


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Aspiration ventilation for storage in boxes

With Mooij Agro aspiration ventilation you can optimally dry, cool or heat onions stored in boxes, even the onions in the core of the boxes. We do this with special tarpaulins that are laid over the ducts in order to create forced aspiration ventilation. This is a simple and very reliable system that can be used to ventilate all your onions in boxes.

Box storage fan heater ventilation


Fans are an important part of the complete ventilation system. Mooij Agro always opts for reliable partners that supply high efficiency fans with a high air volume (m3/h) to power consumption (kW). Our fans also always meet the highest standard (IE4 or IE5): they are energy efficient, low-noise and adjustable via variable-frequency drives. We supply the most suitable fans for every type of storage system.

Ventilation heating control panel

Pressure chamber

We help you achieve the highest possible yield from your onions by optimising the design of the store and pressure chamber. Before the outside air reaches the onions, it always passes through a pressure chamber first. Here the air is treated and blown into the storage area with the right quality and speed. From the pressure chamber, the ventilation and control equipment from Mooij Agro ensures optimum air distribution to the product.

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