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Refrigeration system control
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Air handling

Always the right air handling for your onions

Proper ventilation of your stored onions is essential for a high yield and to maintain the product quality. It is important that this air is properly handled before it reaches the onions in the store. Mooij Agro is a specialist in the handling of incoming air. We offer various solutions to heat, cool or dehumidify the air.



More moisture is removed when drying onions than when drying potatoes. Because moisture also evaporates when drying onions, the product is cooled. This is why heat is also needed during the drying process. The Mooij Agro modulating gas burner ensures rapid drying of onions and a constant temperature. Our modulating control also extends the lifespan of your burners, because they are cycles on and off less frequently.

Refrigeration system control


For long-term storage of onions, mechanical cooling is a must. By keeping the product temperature stable under all climatic conditions, germination is prevented and moisture losses are reduced. Mooij Agro can provide your store with the most effective cooling. You can choose between a stationary or mobile chiller. All the cooling solutions from Mooij Agro are custom-made and equipped with low-noise compressors, condensers and evaporators. You can use them for both cooling and drying. Our systems are also equipped with integrated controllers for ventilation and humidification.

Vacctek all in one

Air dehumidification

Do you want to be able to dry your stored onions at any time, regardless of the weather outside? You can, with the VaccTek® condenser dryer from Mooij Agro! It allows you to cool and heat at the same time. And because the controller is fully integrated into the Croptimiz-r, the right process is always selected. The system switches seamlessly from drying with outside air to drying with inside air, as needed. A major advantage of condenser drying is that this drying process produces results from day one and can be active 24/7.

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