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Always the right measurements with reliable sensors

In order to create the best possible storage climate for your onions, it is crucial to be able to measure temperature and humidity very accurately. Mooij Agro has developed sensors for every storage system that enable you to continuously measure the current climate factors. This enables you to ensure optimum drying and efficient cooling of the onions, and thus the best quality stored product.

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Stable temperature line

A stable, precise temperature progression is of crucial importance to guarantee the quality of the end product. Quick drying of the onion and a stable temperature line ensure a more dormant onion, reducing the risk of losses and prolonging the storage life. All the temperature sensors from Mooij Agro are very accurate and stable, even with long cable lengths. Our temperature sensors are available with or without lance (length 1 and 2 metres) and are fitted with a stainless steel sensor tip. They have a shielded cable with a length of 20, 30 or 50 metres. Even at low temperatures, the cable remains flexible, making sensors easy to move.

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Relative humidity

Relative humidity (RH) sensors can be used at three locations: outside the store, in the duct and on the product itself. The controller uses the outdoor RH sensor during drying and storage. The RH sensor in the duct regulates the dehumidification. The RH sensor on the product controls the humidity of the product. This prevents the moisture content in your onions from becoming too low, which can cause the outer scales to slough off. With the right measurements, the storage system always makes the best choice between inside or outside air and air is dried quickly, to prevent neck rot for example.


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