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Cooling pad humidifier

Air handling

Always the right air handling for your potatoes

Proper ventilation of your stored potatoes is essential for a high yield and to minimise losses. It is important that the air handling occurs well before the air reaches the potatoes in the store. Mooij Agro is a specialist in the handling of incoming air. We offer various solutions to heat, cool, humidify or dehumidify the air.



Heating potatoes is necessary in order to dry them quickly and efficiently under all harvesting and weather conditions. The ventilation air can be heated with a gas heater, hot water heat exchanger or heat pump. The Mooij Agro modulating gas burner ensures rapid drying of potatoes and a constant air temperature. Moreover, our modulating controller extends the service life of your burners, because they are switched on and off less often.



For long-term potato storage and to maintain a stable product temperature under all climatic conditions, mechanical cooling is a must. You can cool your store with a stationary or mobile chiller. Mooij Agro's custom-made cooling solutions are fitted with low-noise compressors, condensers and evaporators that make it possible to both cool and dry. Our systems are also equipped with integrated controllers for ventilation and humidification.

Cooling pad humidifier


Ventilation and cooling in the potato store can result in dehydration. Dehydration occurs because the product releases too much moisture into the environment. One solution is to humidify the air that flows past the potatoes. This creates high humidity, minimises weight loss and maintains high product quality.


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