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Humidity sensor potatoes
PT1000 Temperature sensor potatoes


Always the right measurements with reliable sensors

In order to create the best possible climate for your crop, it is crucial to be able to measure temperature, humidity and CO2. Mooij Agro has developed sensors for every storage system that enable you to continuously measure the current climate factors. This way we can offer a suitable solution for everyone.

PT1000 Temperature sensor potatoes


A stable, precise temperature progression is crucial to guarantee the quality of the end product. Tight control of the temperature curve ensures a more dormant potato, less risk of germination, longer storage life and lower losses. All the temperature sensors from Mooij Agro are very accurate and stable, even with long cable lengths. Our temperature sensors are available with or without lance (length 1 and 2 metres) and are fitted with a stainless steel sensor tip. They have a shielded cable with a length of 20, 30 or 50 metres. Even at low temperatures, the cable remains flexible, making sensors easy to move.

Humidity sensor potatoes

Relative humidity

By measuring the relative humidity, you can always ventilate with the right air during the different processes, so you can dry efficiently and prevent dehydration. Relative humidity (RH) sensors can be used at three locations: outside the store, in the duct and in or on the product. When storing potatoes, the outdoor RH sensor is used for control during drying, storage and evaporative cooling. And the RH sensor in the duct regulates the humidification.


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CO2 sensor for the ideal frying colour

Controlling the climate using the Mooij CO2 sensor results in improvement of the potatoes' frying colour. The CO2 sensor is connected to the store computer and continuously measures the CO2 level in the store. The CO2sensor prevents unnecessary air exchange, minimises energy costs and minimises weight and quality loss of the potato.

Weight watcher

Weight Watcher

The Weight Watcher is a stand-alone weighing unit on which a representative sample of the product is hung inside the store. The Weight Watcher provides very valuable information about the relationship between the store climate and the weight loss of the product. It is a tremendously valuable tool that gives you insight into store processes during the storage season and teaches you how to optimise storage.

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