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iHotraco Storage Data

Reliable, secure, and automatic storage data collection and organizing

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We are committed to helping you take the first steps toward the practical use of big data for your crop storage. Introducing the foundation for modern farming: iHotraco Storage Data. iHotraco Storage Data collects and organizes all storage data automatically, reliably and securely, using the latest data sharing technology. It provides a complete data set that is centrally stored in a standardized format, easily retrieved for management dashboards. iHotraco Storage Data enables storage managers and farmers to monitor and share their data efficiently.


Save time and labor costs


Always a 100% complete data set


Keep your data safe


Always in control of your data

How big data will change the future of farming


In the coming years, smart farming will grow exponentially. The importance and usability of big data is rapidly increasing. We are moving from data, to information, to insight, to action, to results. iHotraco Farm Data is created to collect data in the exact way this revolution calls for and helps farmers take their next steps to the future of farming. The reliability and completeness of iHotraco ensure that all data will be stored on the cloud, even with frequent internet interruptions. The system encrypts all data before it is uploaded and stored according to the highest security standards.

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