Croptimiz-r EVA edition

Mooij Agro presents Croptimiz-r EVA edition

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The Easy Virtual Assistant – EVA – is the new smart assistant wizard for growers and crop storage operators. EVA is available as an additional module in Croptimiz-r; the latest automation system for crop storage. With the Croptimiz-r EVA edition, crop growers and storage operators can respond faster, more easily and more effectively to changing conditions during the storage season.

4 pillars of the Croptimiz-r EVA edition:

The world’s most versatile, user-friendly and efficient storage system
The simplification of the control system makes ease of use for growers and storage operators extremely high compared to competing systems.
Storage computer controlled remotely and via the app
This allows the user to determine the correct settings locally or remotely, with or without EVA’s 24/7 support.
First system that provides knowledge from supplier to user
The storage computer provides more information for each control and gives immediate feedback of what the optimal settings are. This allows the user to make ever-better storage choices. This results in less food and energy waste.
Very intuitive and user-friendly system for setup and during management
With EVA, the system is very easy for the grower or storage operator to set up themselves, without any prior knowledge about the system and without third-party help.

“In terms of capabilities for monitoring, management, control, information and insight and ease of use, Croptimiz-r is several steps ahead the rest.”

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Croptimiz-r: The most complete storage system

Mooij Agro’s Croptimiz-r is the most multifunctional controller for storage of potatoes and other crops. It is an all-in-one system for bulk, crate and bag storage The Croptimiz-r regulates, controls and monitors all the processes of the storage facility such as ventilation, heating, cooling and circulation. EVA was developed to ensure that growers and storage operators can also take full advantage of the unprecedented features that Croptimiz-r offers. Knowledge from potato growers and our engineers was bundled into one smart assistant.

With EVA, now the most user-friendly storage system too

Every step of the development of EVA revolved around user-friendliness for growers. The wizard includes an interactive guide and simplified set-up options. EVA helps the storage operator set the optimal basic settings at the start of the storage process. And throughout the whole storage season, EVA is there for the storage operator with the right information about the settings at the right time. This means the storage operator always has information about the current situation in the storage facility at their fingertips and can act on it quickly, without help from third parties.

“With EVA, the storage season has never been so easy and worry-free.”

How does the smart assistant EVA work?

EVA navigates users through the entire Croptimiz-r system, showing only the information needed at that moment. This unique feature provides a clear overview and makes the system user-friendly. With this, crop growers and storage operators go through the whole storage phase without problems and can focus all their attention on the tasks that are important at the time.

Would you like to start your storage season without worries?

This EVA edition is available as an additional module for your Croptimiz-r system. Contact one of our specialists.

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What makes the Croptimiz-r EVA edition unique in its category

EVA is fully integrated with Croptimiz-r. To properly explain what makes EVA unique, we will begin with what makes Croptimiz-r unique. Croptimiz-r is often compared to climate control computers, but they are not actually comparable. In terms of capabilities for monitoring, management, control, information and insight and ease of use, Croptimiz-r is several steps ahead the rest. The system gives growers more information than other automation systems for each control (ventilation, heating, cooling and air circulation).

Discover the Croptimiz-r
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More time and less worry for growers during storage season

We understand that crop growers and storage operators don’t always have a lot of time during the harvest season to be concerned with storage barn conditions. During that period, their full attention is on harvesting the crops in the field. EVA is that assistant who works, contributes suggestions and is available 24/7. During this period, when time is tight, EVA helps growers make the right choices quickly and efficiently on the storage computer. These settings are used to set up the storage process in the best way so the grower or storage operator can focus fully on harvesting. This allows them to do the job that demands the most attention at the time as efficiently as possible, with less worry.

“During this period, when time is tight, EVA helps growers make the right choices quickly and efficiently on the storage computer.”

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Easily control monitoring remotely via the app

Because the Croptimiz-r can be controlled remotely via an app and EVA offers advice anytime, anywhere, growers can act more quickly when necessary. With EVA, they almost never need to call a helpline again. Growers have total control over the storage of their product through one system, in one convenient app.

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High quality and sustainable production

With the Croptimiz-r and EVA, growers optimize their storage processes for the best possible storage results and for the most efficient and economical possible process. This also results in reduced energy costs and consumption. And the more quickly growers adjust storage settings to changing conditions, the better the quality of potatoes will remain. The higher the quality of the potatoes, the fewer potatoes need to be thrown away. That is good for sustainability and good for commerce.

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