Bewaarplaats van de toekomst op Agritechnica 2017 1

''Storage of the future" on the Agritechnica 2017

Mooij Agro invites you to the "storage of the future" on the Agritechnica 2017.

Throughout the week (from 12 to 18 November next) you can find us in our innovative storage in hall 24, stand number B10.

On our booth of up to 100 m2, we show you our innovations, such as:

  • The Bruise Monitor - Stay informed about the development of bruises in your warehouse and make the right decision in good time!
  • The Mooij Climbing Airbag - Easy and safe positioning of a vertical airbag at the end of the row. All can be done from ground level and realized by only one person.
  • The Every-Air – In storages with pressure ventilation, this simple tarp provides a homogeneous air distribution in case of longer rows of boxes. This innovation was a Silver Medal winner before!
  • The Humidifying Pad - This unit provides evaporative cooling and results in minimal dehydration of your stored crop.
  • The PC Program - For optimal and complete operation and extensive registration, ideal for research purposes.

This undoubtedly makes you curious about the possibilities Mooij Agro can offer you for your storage. Therefore, on our booth, you can select and view your appropriate storage system. How? A touch-screen display will show you the way to the future. And we're happy to join you!

Be amazed and visit our storage at Agritechnica!