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Onion storage in Kahovka, Ukraine

In the South of Ukraine, Sergey is the owner of an agricultural company. In Kahovka they grow onions, carrots and red beet. From the very beginning of cultivation of the named crops, the strategic task was to establish the long-term storage of grown products. The “problem” was to provide storage of different kind of crops, using different types of systems. In such cases it is necessary to combine good forced ventilation with reliable mechanical cooling.

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The Mooij storage computer, the Croptimiz-r, offers full integration of control for the locally supplied mechanical cooling. The Croptimiz-r is an easy to operate system, even more since it is supplied in the Ukrainian language. Besides that all storage data are also shown (and can be altered) on the mobile phone, tablet and laptop, using the Croptimiz-r App. This enables the customer so be up to date whenever and wherever he is.

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Sergey is very enthusiastic about the good cooperation he had, and still has, with Alexander from FrEG. “From the start it showed that Alexander has a lot of experience and he proposed the best solution and design, especially for the box storage. Also from the moment of start-up we appreciate his help and advice which enables us to gain the best results in our storage”, Sergey says.

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He continues, “With this storage system, we have complete control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level, which creates ideal conditions for the crop. We conclude that we have powerful outside ventilation (with the largest 5,2kW EC fans), tender cooling (with the lowest possible delta T) and condensation-free humidification (stand-alone humidifiers). All this is managed by means of the unique storage controller, the Croptimiz-r.

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