Pootaardappelbewaring in Noord Denemarken 1

Seed potato storage in Northern Denmark

In Ulsted in Northern Jyllland, Denmark, Morten Pedersen is growing potatoes since 1991. Morten is the 4th generation on this farm. He grows seed potatoes on a farm of 100 hectares. His main customer is AKV Langholt. This is the leading starch company in Northern Jylland.

Pootaardappelbewaring in Noord Denemarken 1

In 2005 he bought his first storage from Mooij Agro (this was the Aspiration System).In 2017 he finished a box store for 2,000 tons, which he provided with a Mooij Pressure ventilation system in combination with airbags. Morten Pedersen explains: “In the extremely wet harvest season of 2017, my potatoes came in very dirty. Now they are very dry and healthy. Without this Pressure System I would not have been able to get my crop dried and in such a good condition.”

Pootaardappelbewaring in Noord Denemarken 3

Henrik Fuglsang, of VPL-system, is the representative of Mooij Agro in Scandinavia. Morten Pederson continues: “Henrik was very helpful to give the support during planning and construction. I bought this ventilation system from him, because we had close contact and we discussed everything when it comes to building a storage. It feels good to have full confidence in this storage system and to have back-up from the local representative”.