From Bert and Johan Geraats we were asked to set up a ventilation system in a new storage for potatoes. What was important for them was the possibility to store for a longer period of time and to ensure a better potatoe quality. The new storage was completed in October 2018, to the full satisfaction of Geraats. Cooling independent of the outside air Now, thanks to the unique mechanical storage... Read more +
At the arable farm of the family Duisterwinkel in ’t Zandt (NL), seed potatoes, seed onions, carrots, grain and sugar beets are grown. Martin and his two sons Martinus and Menko have decided to build a storage for potatoes and onions. Previously, a lot of their product was stored in bulk, but these storage locations were outdated. For this reason, a conscious choice has been made for a box... Read more +
Sergey Matskevich from AgroventM (our Russian dealer) was in contact with Artem Belayav, the Manager of Belaya Dacha in Tambow, Russia. He was asked for his experience in potato storage and to offer the best solution and design for the long-term storage of French Fries potatoes. Belaya Dacha in Tambow is responsible for storing the final batch of potatoes to be processed. Therefore, good quality... Read more +
In Ulsted in Northern Jyllland, Denmark, Morten Pedersen is growing potatoes since 1991. Morten is the 4th generation on this farm. He grows seed potatoes on a farm of 100 hectares. His main customer is AKV Langholt. This is the leading starch company in Northern Jylland. In 2005 he bought his first storage from Mooij Agro (this was the Aspiration System).In 2017 he finished a box store for 2,000... Read more +
At the farm of Jan Pieter Bierema and his wife Aletta, which measures 86 hectares, grains, sugar beet, seed potatoes, consumption potatoes and onions are grown, in addition to keeping poultry.   In 2016 a start was made with the construction of the new storage for potatoes, containing 2 cells for boxstorage for potatoes and onions, each good for about 600 boxes. A conscious choice has been made... Read more +
The Lieven family specializes in long-term storage of potatoes. Since 2005, they have been growing Challenger, Innovator, Markies and Fontane for Lamb Weston. In total, about 11,000 tonnes of potatoes are stored at Lieven's company.   Mooij Agro has supplied the storage for drying and storing potatoes in 2 cells, each for 2,150 tons. We have supplied 20 pieces of EC fans, so 4 kW power is... Read more +
In the South of Ukraine, Sergey is the owner of an agricultural company. In Kahovka they grow onions, carrots and red beet. From the very beginning of cultivation of the named crops, the strategic task was to establish the long-term storage of grown products. The “problem”  was to provide storage of different kind of crops, using different types of systems. In such cases it is necessary to... Read more +
Recently, Mooij Agro installed a project for a potato storage in boxes at Harry Lamberts, in Burdett, Alberta, Canada. Harry Lamberts indicated, that it was difficult to get the optimal air distribution in the boxes and that they had problems with condensation onto the product. One and other due to the low outside temperatures they have in this region. Jeroen van Kappel of Mooij Agro offered for... Read more +
The Belgian dealer of Mooij Agro, Emanuel Vandoorne, came into contact with the company of the family Michel Malfait-Baert. They own a mixed arable farm in Zwalm (Belgium). During the winter period, they process onions and recently they built a new storage for onions. The family Malfait was looking for a possibility to dry and store the onions into multiple cells with a flexible control per duct... Read more +
The Helma potato distribution company, headquartered in Sittensen (between Hamburg and Bremen) provides year-round consumption potatoes and onions of high quality to the major customers within the food market. The family company was founded 60 years ago. In addition to the senior chief Helmut Heldbergs, also his sons Jan and Jochen are active within the General Management. In total, the company... Read more +


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