Last year, Alfons & Gertrud Butzen GmbH & Co. KG in Viersen (Germany) enlarged their storage capacity for processing potatoes with 6,000 tons. The starting point for this new store is, that they want to store the processing potatoes as long as possible, even until May or June. This, of course, without compromising on quality, meaning a low weight loss, good frying color and as less... Read more +
The company Ever-Great (Hengwei) was funded in Zhenjiang on year 1998. They are one of the third party logistic supplier with a modern logistics concept in east part of China. On year 2011 the company Ever-Great decided to establish a branch with a 20,000 tons chips potato storage facility in Chifeng city , which is situated in cold northern part of China and more closer to the potato growing... Read more +
In Tollebeek (NL) company Koenraadt-Heerink built a new storage facility for the storage of seed potatoes, onions and carrots in boxes. The customer has chosen, in consultation with Mooij Agro representative Henk Havelaar, to mount EC-fans with variable speed in all cells. This to achieve flexibility in each cell for each product. All cells are equipped with the aspiration system ventilation with... Read more +
In Voerendaal in The Netherlands Mr. Jos Keijbets has an arable farm. "In 2012 I came into contact with Hans van den Oever from Mooij Agro. This because of the fact that we had plans to expand our storage capacity for potatoes and to start with the cultivation of onions. We wanted to store our consumption potatoes into two cells and our onions in one single cell. " For this application, the both... Read more +
In the Belgian city Riemst father and son Vrancken own a company with both arable and livestock farming. They have a 3 cell storage for consumption potatoes. Choosing a storage with three different cells makes it possible to grow different varieties of potatoes. Besides that it is also possible to harvest or sell at different moments. In the future, the gentlemen Mathieu and Koen Vrancken also... Read more +
The breeding company Casier in Holthusen, Wriedel Germany has 235 ha of arable farming and pig farming. Recently, the cultivation of table potatoes has increased by about 50 ha. That is why the old potato storage was broken down and a new box storage of approximately 1500 tons was built. "The quotation with pressure ventilation of Mooij Agro, offered by Mr. Dittmer (of Dittmer Umwelttechnik GmbH... Read more +
Mr. Anshul Batwara, Technical Manager of Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt Ltd. got us into contact with Mr. Jigneshbhai Patel of Real Cold Store in India. Mr. Patel is also a grower for McCain’s French fries Potatoes. The Potatoes are traditionally stored in bags with multiple level in a single chamber. The major problem when storing in bags is, that the sprout inhibitor cannot reach the product... Read more +
Ansgar Lünnemann from Alfhausen, in the Northern District of Osnabrück, farms 170 hectares of arable land and has a pig farm. The young farmer has focused himself on the cultivation of approximately 70 hectares of crisp potatoes, which he stores in large wooden boxes of 2 tons each. He delivers the potatoes to a producer group. "For long term storage choosing the correct ventilation system is... Read more +
Mts. Bos in Espel (NL) has an arable farm with seed potatoes and onions. "We have known the company Mooij Agro for years now and thought it was a good idea if they wanted to test their new development for box storage at our place. We have built a large, long storage for our boxes. These long rows of boxes need to be aerated homogeneous. Mooij Agro came with a perfect solution; The Every-Air ". In... Read more +
"We, the company Bornemann Steckelberg Schröder GbR on the Lüneburger Heide in Germany, are growing arable crops on 450 ha. The potato is our main crop and good for 130 ha. Seed potatoes are cultivated on 2/3 of this area. 1/3 of this area is used for the cultvation of starch potatoes. To meet the increasing quality requirements, we have decided to build a new insulated potato storage for boxes ... Read more +


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